no attributes found in object type " string "

This is a PL/SQL and FIPS Message generated by PL/SQL. For more information about PL/SQL, refer to the PL/SQL User's Guide and Reference.

What is the cause of PLS-00589 from Oracle 11g ?

Table of non adt type is defined.

How to fix PLS-00589 from Oracle 11g ?

Table of type should be of ADT type only

How to deepen your knowledge about Oracle?

You can train yourself with many books and get an advantage over your competitors by developing a set of skills highly sought throughout the world. Niels Bohr saw an expert as "a person who has found out by his own painful experience all the mistakes that one can make in a very narrow field". So why not you? Be an expert!
To that aim, the first reference book I would suggest is "Oracle Database 11g The Complete Reference (Oracle Press)Oracle Database 11g The Complete Reference" by Kevin Loney. This internationally recognized Oracle expert was named Consultant of the Year by ORACLE Magazine in 2002. Also be aware that the 12c Oracle version is available here : Oracle Database 12c The Complete Reference (Oracle Press).
In addition to that, let me suggest "OCP Oracle Certified Professional on Oracle 12c Certification Kit" as further reading in order to improve your skills and pass your first level certification.

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Contacting Oracle support services ?

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Linked Oracle error codes

  • PLS-00581 inheritance is not supported for opaque types
  • PLS-00582 attribute declarations are not allowed in opaque types
  • PLS-00583 size must be specified if opaque type is fixed-length
  • PLS-00584 size of an opaque type must be between 1 and 4000 bytes
  • PLS-00585 declared support library for opaque type is not a library
  • PLS-00586 a static method cannot declare a parameter named SELF
  • PLS-00587 a static method cannot be invoked on an instance value
  • PLS-00588 unqualified instance attribute references allowed only in member methods
  • PLS-00590 attempting to create a subtype UNDER a FINAL type
  • PLS-00591 this feature is not supported in client-side programs
  • PLS-00592 the type of a object table must be an object type
  • PLS-00593 default value of parameter " string " in body must match that of spec
  • PLS-00594 the SELF parameter can be declared only as IN or as IN OUT
  • PLS-00595 the TABLE operator is not allowed in this context
  • PLS-00597 expression ' string ' in the INTO list is of wrong type