Oracle error codes

"SQL Tuning Set" " string " is active.

This is an Oracle Database Server Message. This can be generated by the Oracle Database when running any Oracle program.

What is the cause of ORA-13757 from Oracle 10g ?

The user attempted to update an active SQL Tuning Set.

How to fix ORA-13757 from Oracle 10g ?

Remove all reference to the SQL Tuning Set and retry the operation.

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Contacting Oracle support services ?

Some messages recommend contacting Oracle Support Services to report a problem. Please go here for more information : Oracle Support.

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  • ORA-13752 User " string " must be SYS or must have the "ADMINISTER ANY SQL TUNING SET" privilege.
  • ORA-13753 "SQL Tuning Set" " string " already exists.
  • ORA-13754 "SQL Tuning Set" " string " does not exist.
  • ORA-13755 invalid "SQL Tuning Set" name
  • ORA-13756 Cannot update attribute " string ".
  • ORA-13758 "SQL Tuning Set" " string " is in use.
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  • ORA-13760 duplicate entry for "SQL_ID" " string " in "SQL Tuning Set" " string "
  • ORA-13761 invalid filter
  • ORA-13762 The string ranking measure is invalid.
  • ORA-13763 illegal ranking attribute " string "
  • ORA-13764 Value " string " is illegal as a result percentage.
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